Indianola lies within the boundaries of the Port Madison Reservation. In 1916, it was a summer/weekend community only reached by steamboat. Today, it is a small, friendly rural village known as a haven for artists. The 900-foot Indianola Dock was built when the Mosquito Fleet provided the majority of transportation on Puget Sound. Jutting hundreds of feet out into the water, the dock is considered one of the best places in the area to watch the stars or any major celestial event. No moorage, but you can pull up your kayak or canoe.

Indianola Days

Indianola Days, usually held in late July, is one of the most popular events in the region.  

Indianola Country Store

Indianola Country Store

The Indianola Country Store has been an integral part of this tiny waterfront community since the 1920s. Besides offering the essential grocery and general store items a town needs, it provides a wonderful deli, espresso bar, fresh-made soups, sandwiches, cookies and ice cream cones! The store also has local products and art.