Bremerton Bridge To Bridge Urban Trail

Thanks to Josh Farley's enthusiasm and successful 2018 Bremerton's Bridge to Bridge Tour this urban trail has grown to become a popular outdoor attraction and destination for locals and visitors. The nearly 3-mile loop connects neighborhoods and the Manette and Warren Avenue Bridges. The route offers runners, walkers, and riders scenic views of vast waterways and the majestic Olympic Mountains. The trail winds through parks and streets revealing hidden treasures, historic houses, and the opportunity to enjoy the farmer's market, playgrounds, shops, and community events happening throughout the year. The trail also leads to local business and art districts in downtown Bremerton and Manette.

To encourage even more residents and visitors to get out and take a hike along the trail and connect with local neighborhoods, Leadership Kitsap 2019 Team Red decided to see how it could help increase awareness and usage of the trail. Team Red decided to make it their class project and invited Visit Kitsap Peninsula to be the project sponsor and work with Josh to make Bremerton's Bridge to Bridge Urban Trail a permanent, year-round recreation resource. The result was a new, expanded map, decals, and marketing programs to promote the trail and Josh's tours. In the boxes below, you'll find information about Josh's 2019 Bridging Bremerton Tour, June 22, locations to get a print copy of the map, and a link to a PDF to view/print a letter-sized copy of the map. Enjoy!

Quick Links & Resources

Maps Available at:

Check out the new Bridge to Bridge map for information about more events happening around the trail.

New Bridge to Bridge Trail Map

Introducing the newly expanded  Bremerton Urban Trail Bridge to Bridge Map. The map includes information about attractions, events, resources, and businesses along the way. The special letter-sized version of the map may be viewed, downloaded or printed. A print version of the map is available at locations listed above in Quick Links.