Kitsap Peninsula National Water Trails

National Water Trails System

It's no surprise that the Kitsap Peninsula was named part of the National Water Trails System. Kitsap County has the second longest coastline in Washington State. The Kitsap Peninsula Water Trail is also a segment of the Washington Water Trail Association's Cascadia Marine Trail that reaches from Olympia to the Canadian Boarder.  Our spectacular natural scenic beauty of mountains and sound, migrating marine life and friendly port towns make the KItsap Peninsula a destination for water trail travelers from around the globe. 

Kitsap Peninsula Water National Trails Info

Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails MapClick here to view or download a PDF of the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails map which is formatted in two printable pages. The map is in the process of being updated and expanded to include many other locations in Mason and Pierce counties and along the Hood Canal. A GIS application is also in development in partnership with WA Water Trails Association. 
Washington Water Trails Association

Washington Water Trails Association

WA Water Trails The Kitsap Peninsula Water Trail is also a segment of the Washington Water Trail Association's Cascadia Marine Trail. Visit their website for more information and trails around WA State. 

Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Alliance

The Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Alliance was created to oversee, maintain and grow the KPWT and to work with a representative from the National Park Service to develop a long-term  Management Plan. We will be providing more information on the Alliance and its work.