Naval Base Kitsap - Parking

Access & Parking Information:

Active Duty Military: Parking for Active Duty Military personnel is restricted to the Montgomery Parking Lot and the adjacent parking garage. Military members who are in a registered Carpool or Vanpool will have designated parking within the Montgomery Lot.

DoD Civilians: DoD Civilian personnel working at NBK-Bremerton may apply for a permit to park on base by filling out a parking application. Permits are assigned as space becomes available, based upon Service Comp Date. Retired military WORKING at NBK-Bremerton are considered civilians for parking purposes and shall not park in the Montgomery Lot.

Contractors:There is no parking for contractor personnel on NBK-Bremerton. Temporary access permits are issued on an as needed basis for those personnel who need to drop off tools/equipment in excess of 50 lbs by the Pass & ID Office (Bldg 981).

Registered Carpools / Vanpools:Carpools will be assigned a specific parking lot based upon the SCD Leave date as space becomes available. Vanpools will be assigned a specific parking lot and a numbered space.

Visitors / Customers: Customer service parking is located near various buildings serving customers, including Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), Resource Center, NEX stores, and Commissary. Most visitor parking is limited to two (2) hours.

Traffic Citations/Parking Violations: After receiving three tickets driving privileges will be suspended for a period of no less than six months in accordance with OPNAV 11200.5C. For more information contact the Traffic Court Officer at (360)627-4026

Worker/Driver Buses:

The Worker/Driver Bus program provides transportation from all over Kitsap County to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Routes and Schedules are available on the Kitsap Transit web site. For more info contact Kitsap Transit at (360) 373-2877.

Mass Transit / Car Pools / Van Pools:

The Federal Government is encouraging everyone to use some form of mass transit. Benefits of Mass Transit include, but are not limited to:

  • Less air pollution.
  • Less noise pollution.
  • Shorter lines getting into military installations.
  • Better traffic flow on existing highways.
  • Reduces the need to build new highways and roads.
  • Reduces the number of parking spots needed.
  • Saves State and Federal tax money.

Handicapped Parking / Access Busses:

Handicapped parking is located in an area east of McDonald's, east of Z Street, west of the FISC building. This is the sole disabled employee parking lot and it will expand should the need arise. A permanent or temporary state-issued disabled parking placard (or plates) will be required to use this and any disabled parking spaces onboard NBK - Bremerton. The lot is supported by ACCESS buses, handicapped port-a-john, bus shelter, and a handicapped accessible phone. ACCESS Bus service is provided on base for those DoD Civilians working on base and parking in the Handicapped area noted above. To request pick-up, there is a phone located in the bus shelter near the Handicapped Parking area. Rider eligibility is verified by the Access Bus Driver by showing your shipyard badge.

Naval Base Kitsap - Bremerton Points of Contact:

Program Coordinator: (360)627-4022
Assistant: (360)627-4023