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The Visit Kitsap Peninsula website is one of the most popular travel information and destination websites in the region. It is also a very powerful marketing tool that offers even the smallest businesses and non-profits the opportunity to reach tourists and event planners in local, regional, national and international markets.

Free Listing Requirements/Options

  • The inclusion of a text reference to the phase "Kitsap Peninsula" on the main website and/or blog page, and in digital and print materials including advertisements, brochures, flyers, and news/travel articles. 
  • A reference to Visit Kitsap Peninsula as a community partner with a link back to as a resource to find information about the region.
  • The inclusion of 



You are welcome to download a Partner Badge and include a link back to


The VKP website has hundreds of listings for both non-profit attractions and for businesses selling goods and services to visitor and event planners. You are welcome to download a Partner Badge and include a link back to

Our online form makes it easy for you to add your tourism related attraction, business, event or service to the VKP website.

Click here or on the form to the left to access our on-line sign-up and renewal services.

If you have any questions, please send an email to , Attention: VKP Website Listing.

Depending on type, listing can be including underThings-To-Do (various categories) Eat & Drink, Places to Go, and Plan Your Visit, Event Services, available on the VKP website. Also includes access to the VKP self-posting Calendar. Businesses with multiple locations will need to apply for each location individually.  

Venues / Facilities -  $1 per person, based on maximum allowed occupancy  

Requires either a Basic General Listing or Lodging/RV Listing. Example: a lodging establishment, restaurant or other entity that wants to market a meeting room with occupancy of 40 would pay an additional $40 per year. The fee would provide access to the VKP Venue Tab, additional listing in the VKP "Plan Your Event” section and “Venue Search” database used by weddings, meeting and event planners.


Eligibility Criteria: 1) Non-profit attraction and/event, free and open to the public.
2) Non-profit or for-profit attraction/event reporting less than $25K annually.

Examples: Farms, agriculture/food producers, artisans, crafts people, and others that sell their products at the following public locations: farm that is advertised as open to the public, farmer's markets, farm stands, festivals, fairs, studio tours, and other events promoted to attract tourists.

Note: Activation requires review and approval. For detail of requirements, please go to: and scroll down.


Additional promotion and co-marketing opportunities are available for larger business or organizations. Please contact for details.