Early Timeline of Kitsap's History

  • 5000 BC - The Suquamish begin to settle on the Kitsap Peninsula.
  • 1792 - Capt. George Vancouver, first Englishman to visit this area, names Puget Sound, Hood Canal, Port Orchard, Mount Rainier, Vashon Island and other places.
  • 1852 - First non-native inhabitants on the "Great Peninsula" build a mill at what is now Kingston.
  • 1854 - Port Gamble and its mill begin. Longest operating sawmill of five original mills, it was in operation until 1996. The town is a National Historic Site.
  • 1857 - Slaughter County established from parts of King and Jefferson counties. Named after Lt. Slaughter. Six months later, the people changed the name to Kitsap County.
  • 1866 - June 7, Chief Seattle dies. Though he was born, lived, died and was buried on the Kitsap Peninsula, he is best known for lending his name to what was later to become Washington's largest city.
  • 1891 - Puget Sound Naval Station established in Bremerton.
National Registries

National Registries

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