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Visit Kitsap Peninsula - 371 Miles of Scenic Water Trails on... The Natural Side of Puget Sound
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Fascinating Facts & More. . .

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Hood Canal - South Region

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Hood Canal Bridge
The Hood Canal Bridge is the world’s longest floating bridge over saltwater.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Weather on and around the Kitsap Peninsula varies greatly due to the mountains, water and other influences.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
MV Carlisle II
Built in 1917, the MV Carlisle II is the oldest continuously operating ferry in Puget Sound and the longest continuously licensed vessel in the U.S. This foot ferry was totally overhauled in 2004 and currently operates between Bremerton and Port Orchard.
Olympic Peninsula

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Olympic Mountains
Views to the west from Kitsap Peninsula feature the beautiful Olympic Mountains rising almost 8,000 feet. While this isn't all that high for a mountain range, the Olympics start at sea level, making them appear bigger than they are and providing spectacular sunset scenery.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Oldest Eagle's Nest in Washington State
The oldest documented Eagle's nest in Washington State is located near Hansville, high on the bluff overlooking Puget Sound in the Point No Point County Park.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Napoleon's Poplar Trees
In 1908 C.E. Greaves planted the original Lombardy Poplar tree that is the forerunner of the majestic stand of poplars that now towers over Silverdale. The trees are the actual cuttings of the trees whose origin were the trees that Napoleon had planted on the Isle of St. Helena when he was banished from France.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Hood Canal
Hood Canal is a natural, glacier-carved fiord more than 60 miles long, with 242 miles of shoreline and first explored and named by Captain George Vancouver in 1972.
All Kitsap Peninsula

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Kitsap, Chief Kitsap
Kitsap or Ktsap was a war chief of the Suquamish Tribe. One source says that he was the most powerful chief on Puget Sound from 1790 to 1845. Kitsap County, Washington and the Kitsap Peninsula are named for him.
Port Gamble

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
First U.S. Navy battle death in the Pacific
Haida raiders kill Gustave Englebrecht, first U.S. Navy battle death in the Pacific, at Port Gamble on November 21, 1856.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Pronounced "gooey-duck" it has been proclaimed the Washington State Bird but is, in fact, the most impressive hardshell clam in the Pacific Northwest . . .
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