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Visit Kitsap Peninsula - Family & Pet Friendly Parks & Trails on... The Natural Side of Puget Sound
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Blake Island

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Cascadia Marine Trail
Washington Water Trails Association
4649 Sunnyside Ave N #305
Seattle, WA, WA 98103-6900
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This inland sea trail is a National Recreation Trail and designated one of only 16 National Millennium Trails by the White House. Suitable for day or multi-day trips, the Cascadia Marine Trail has over 50 campsites to visit. People can boat to the campsites from many public and private launch sites or shoreline trailheads.
Bainbridge Island

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Largest Softwood Sawmill in the World!
About 1864, Captain William Renton established a saw mill in Blakely Harbor on the eastern shores of Bainbridge Island. The mill grew in size and operations to become known as the "largest softwood sawmill in the world" around the turn of the century.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Hood Canal
Hood Canal is a natural, glacier-carved fiord more than 60 miles long, with 242 miles of shoreline and first explored and named by Captain George Vancouver in 1972.
Port Gamble

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
First U.S. Navy battle death in the Pacific
Haida raiders kill Gustave Englebrecht, first U.S. Navy battle death in the Pacific, at Port Gamble on November 21, 1856.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Weather on and around the Kitsap Peninsula varies greatly due to the mountains, water and other influences.
All Kitsap Peninsula

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Rain Shadow
As wet air moves in from the Southwest over the Pacific Ocean and up into the Olympic Mountians, moisture is dumped onto the western slopes, leaving less rain to fall on the other side of the mountains forming a rain shadow.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Wealthiest County in the United States
In the 1860's Kitsap County was the wealthiest county, per capita, in the United States. Five large lumber mills; Port Gamble, Port Madison, Port Blakely, Port Orchard and Seabeck running steady for for 25 years nourished a robust economy.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Highest point on the Kitsap Peninsula
Gold Mountain, at 1,761 feet, is the highest point on the Kitsap Peninsula. The Olympic Mountains (to the west) ranging between 7,000 and 8,000 feet, and the Cascade Mountains (to the east) including Mt Rainier at 14, 411 feet, surround the Kitsap Peninsula and contribute to our spectacular scenery.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
Napoleon's Poplar Trees
In 1908 C.E. Greaves planted the original Lombardy Poplar tree that is the forerunner of the majestic stand of poplars that now towers over Silverdale. The trees are the actual cuttings of the trees whose origin were the trees that Napoleon had planted on the Isle of St. Helena when he was banished from France.

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Fascinating Facts & More. . .
What's in a name - The history of local names
Did you know that Kitsap County residents live in what was once known as Slaughter County, or that Liberty Bay was once called Dog Fish Bay? Linked is the history behind the names of many local communities and landmarks.
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